Is this insomnia, oohoahh?

Oh well… two days has passed since I last made an entry – and I still haven’t been able to set this thing up, shame on me. I guess it’s just that I had been up all night for the past few days, sleeping early morning and waking up mid-afternoon. Yeah – I know I should get off the habit soon, since my classes are to start next week.

Anyways, I guess I could also blame a few chores here at home as to why I haven’t fixed the site yet. One of which is repairing that old PC of mine which my parents wanted to use. My dad brought home a used CRT monitor as a replacement for that old one that gave up more than a year ago. Well, the PC is fixed now – just got the system reinstalled and such. It’s actually amazing that all those parts are pretty much eight years old – goes to show that if you take care of your stuff, it would still work it’s best. I’ll just post that in another entry soon.

As for this site – I’ll be fixing it, yeah. I’ll try to have it done before I start my classes. And I guess I should also go to bed already – 4:36 AM on my watch, which is kinda lulz. Oh darn – see you later then ^^,


About Satori

Just an engineering student who likes to do a lot of stuff. What kind of stuff, well... all kinds XD
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