Still setting up…

Okay, so it seems after a week long absence, I still haven’t been able to set up this site properly. It’s just that I’m a little bit off my head these days, partly because of me having these peculiar sleeping habits. Well, all that is about to change now, since I’d be having classes on the 15th – and yay, I’m actually quite excited, though a bit melancholic since it would also be my final year.

Anyways, you might ask – why the heck am I so slow with setting up the site? …and, what am I putting on it anyway? Well, I’d like to change the look of the blog first and foremost. It’s currently looking a bit dull, as well as empty. About the posts I’d be dropping off here though, it might seem random stuff, but I’ll do something different lawl.

Anyways, I just dropped off this post, and off I go again – see y’all later ^^


About Satori

Just an engineering student who likes to do a lot of stuff. What kind of stuff, well... all kinds XD
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One Response to Still setting up…

  1. animefanrk2k says:

    It’s not about time, but effort, right? =D

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