Last day of summer…

How fast time passes – it’s already the last day of my summer. Tomorrow, I would begin my final year in college as well. These things kinda make me think of all the stuff I’ve been through on the first part of my life. Makes myself ask the question – did I do enough all this time? Or probably – did I do my best?

Anyways, I shouldn’t be thinking much of that stuff since it would just get me down too much. And yeah – I still have a year to do everything I can so I’d have no regrets coming out of college.

But still, one can’t help this feeling inside of nostalgia for the good old days, or remembering fun times, as well as some not so-fun times and regretting a few events and decisions. I know – we can’t really take that away since it’s part of life – all that we can do is to minimize on sad stuff, and focus more on the good stuff. Sounds easy, but I do admit it’s tougher said than done.

Actually, it’s also kind of funny that I started being like this these days – I’m not really the emo-type, as what I’m showing here. I guess I should just thank the heavens above that I actually got this far – I’m really lucky to get myself education.

Oh well – I guess this should be it for now. I still have a few things to do, as well as prep up for tomorrow’s classes. And yeah – still setting up (LOL) – またね!


About Satori

Just an engineering student who likes to do a lot of stuff. What kind of stuff, well... all kinds XD
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2 Responses to Last day of summer…

  1. animefanrk2k says:

    I think that life is full of regrets about things you could have or would have done. There are plenty of “what if”s in this world, you know? Still, just because you can think “what if this happened” doesn’t mean that you would have reached where you are right now as who you are right now. One change in your life makes all the difference. I think you turned out just fine. =D

  2. Satori says:

    Lol, seems you’re some kind of guidance counselor or something XD

    Anyways, I could have been a rock star earlier – if I chose that other path way, way back XP

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