An icebreaker.

Well, I really need one of those – it seems I’m pretty much stressed out. It’s one of the reasons why I had been away here for a couple of months. I guess it’s either I’m being too stressed, or I just put a lot of attention to my studies (which I know is somehow… )

Anyways, I guess it took a lot from me to make another post today. Unfortunately, I still haven’t done much about making this blog better, and I won’t be doing some fun updates yet – maybe soon. I just made this entry to say, “Hi, I’m still alive!”

Speaking of that, I guess I’ve been having fun playing Portal these days – though it felt too short. Well, at least I get to look forward to playing its sequel early next year. I’m not sure what it was that dragged me to get interested in the game, but I do like puzzle games like those – it kinda plays with your mind. Or probably, it’s because of the cake! XD

Oh well, I guess I’d better go – I still have a few stuff to finish here, so I’ll just be leaving it here at the moment. Then maybe – just maybe – I can get serious on making something more interesting in this blog haha LOL.

Well then – see ya’ when I see ya’~


About Satori

Just an engineering student who likes to do a lot of stuff. What kind of stuff, well... all kinds XD
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