And back to the regularly scheduled blogging

And whoa, that’s a full month wherein I didn’t make an update here – I blame requirements. Lots of ’em ><

In any case, I’ll be having a lot more time soon due to my semestral break coming up. Even though it would only last for a couple of weeks, it’s still great – I get to have some time off from school, and have some relaxation. And oh – I get to spend time doing my stuff too; lately I’m just faced with report after report after report. Well, that’s pretty normal I guess for a graduating student ><

As for my previous post about my old Powerbook – seems I won’t be able to do some show and tell anymore since I got it sold – as much as I don’t want to :( Same goes for a less old Compaq I had here. To make up for it, I guess I’ll just do some show and tell on my other laptop over here – just some simple DIY maintenance and upgrades. Videos – err, not yet, but pictures sure. I guess people can expect that soon with my break coming up.

As for other stuff, well… I’m still thinking of other stuff XD But yeah – I’ll just make it up as I go – not really an expert yet into this blogging stuff LOL Anyways, this should be it for today, and I’ll see you soon ^^;


About Satori

Just an engineering student who likes to do a lot of stuff. What kind of stuff, well... all kinds XD
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