Okay, so somehow I wake up early today – three in the morn sounds nice… not.

Still I’m wondering – I’m currently on my semester break, and I’m just surprised at how the days go by. It’s like I won’t be able to enjoy my vacation as planned – I’ll be taking care of my enrollment for the next two weeks (or what’s left of my two weeks).

Where we come in that crazy schedule the college is giving us. I still have around 23 units left for my course before I graduate, and it’s pretty much a good outlook really – 20 units regular for this sem and I can do an overload of 3 units. The thing is, we first have to sort out the schedule since there’s one subject that I need to take up, but it’s conflicting with another one of my majors. So… :/

Anyway, we’d probably talk about it with our adviser there, since I’m not the only one in line for graduation that’s having conflicts. And yeah – I also have to take care of my overload forms. All that would probably be later today, so I’ll be away for the most of the day.

As for some of the content I promised here… I’ll probably just do it this vacation ><

Well, I’m out, and probably be back sometime later – peace~


About Satori

Just an engineering student who likes to do a lot of stuff. What kind of stuff, well... all kinds XD
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