Busier… but not quite

Seems that I’m getting busier these days. The reason? Only have less than three months before I finish my bachelor’s degree, so it’s quite obvious that there are a lot of requirements that are needed to be done. Fortunately, I still manage to do this kind of stuff every now and then, and it kinda helps break the monotonous studying and all.

Even during the weekends, I find myself busy – doing household chores and all, as well as cleaning up my things. While cleaning up these past few days though, I was able to find some stuff that were kind of interesting – like this “mouse-phone” over here:

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It’s basically a computer mouse with a built in telephone – it has a PS/2 connector as well as a regular RJ-11 plug. Supposedly, you plug it at the back of your PC, with the RJ-11 connected to the “phone” jack on your modem card. As you can see, it has a numeric keypad on the front face, and the blue button as the plunger. Nope, it ain’t laser, it uses a mouse ball (WOW), on top of it not having a scroll wheel. Well, it was released way back in 2003, so it’s natural that those weren’t standard in computer mice back then. Also, we have the jack for the headset. It does have some hands-free feature, though I wasn’t able to try that one out.

I got curious and tried testing it and it worked! Since I don’t have a modem card installed on my PC (well, duh – it’s the broadband/DSL/cable age already), I tried it out plugging it directly to the phone line’s box – and managed to call someone with it. The call quality was great and clear.

Overall, this gadget is quite useful. Of course, mouse phones are popping up these days, though this one’s different due to it using analog phone lines, instead of VOIP. I also wonder if it’d ‘click’ (no puns intended) if it were sold in large amounts today. What do you think about it – does it seem to be a good product? Do you think it would sell today?

Anyway, I’ll probably be back with another post later on – it’s like I found a lot of stuff when I was cleaning this past few days LOL – I’ll just be seeing you guys then ^^


About Satori

Just an engineering student who likes to do a lot of stuff. What kind of stuff, well... all kinds XD
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2 Responses to Busier… but not quite

  1. Mainlless says:

    I thought you weren’t studying D: !

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